Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Bowls (canine style).
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Before you start thinking I bathe my dog in pink bubble bath while feeding her crustaceans on a silver spoon, let me explain...

I did hear that an elevated doggy dish was better for a dog's digestion, and seeing as my canine has been eating in the corner out of dollar store dishes, I figured I would help her digestion, while adding a bit of sass to my kitchen corner.

Oftentimes she'll hack after eating her food (not sure if it's because I've been letting her eat at sea level for the entire time we've had her), but I thought I could try to help her somehow.

so, I won't have to eat off the floor anymore?

This is what her eating area typically looks like: a bit of an eyesore in the kitchen, if you ask me.

So, I found two sturdy candlestick holders from Goodwill for under $4; they had to be sturdy and not glass because when my dog is eating, she likens me at a buffet: a.wild.animal. Food would go flying, grunting would ensue, her face would disappear into the bowl - you get the unattractive picture.

Moving along, my holders, which were mismatched (just to keep things interesting), were given two good coats of Rustoleum's Aqua spray paint in Satin.

When they were dry, I used Gorilla Glue to adhere the bowls to the candlestick holders.

and I let them sit overnight.

The next morning, Peaches inhaled her food too quickly for me to get a shot (even under the 'Action' mode... what a pig).

Here she's seconds after her meal wondering if more will appear.

I haven't heard her hacking after her meals as much as I used to, so maybe I'm on to something (move over, Dog Whisperer...)

Like little mushrooms of happiness.

Peaches with a grin of approval (again, much like myself after a buffet).

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and be good to your furry friends! :)
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  1. I have two labs, and love this idea. I will be elevating their dinner bowls now! I would love to have you come link up at Sunday Round Up. its 3 blogs = 1 party. Every Sunday :)

  2. That is so fun!!! Looks so much better than the typical dog bowls that are raised up. Megan

  3. This is a great idea!! Looks very chic for your dog!


  4. That is a great idea!! I found you on Crafting Rebellion and I am a new follower. Come by and visit.

  5. you have been featured! Come grab a feature button :)

  6. first of all, your writing cracked me up. second, what a cute idea. third, my cat is a scarfer. if i don't give her little by little, she will inhale everything with nary a tooth meeting morsel. no biting. just full size food pellets, hacked up whole later. so, that may be something since it seems peaches scarfs as well.

  7. I've put together a round up of fun pet crafts on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here

    If you would like a Craft Gossip badge showing you've been featured, you can grab one here :)

  8. Yay, how cute is that?? Well done and I've got this linked to my pets and home décor post too today!

  9. These are awesome. My dog is destructive and would have these thrown around the room though. No aiding digestion for him. ;)

  10. If you put a ball in her bowl, she'll be forced to eat around it and it'll slow her down.



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