Hi WordPress! Starting a WordPress blog.

Hi my lovely readers!

So, I’ve decided to do some updates to the old blogasaurus. My hubby and I just weren’t happy with the old design and we always knew Wordpress is a much more powerful platform for blogging with lots of super snazzy features (my husband’s ran a web design company for almost a decade, but only recently has been putting time into my blog in order to get it to make the big bucks :)). These features include: better search engine optimization without knowing how to do that (so basically more people come to the site!), better themes, and better plugins (like being able to automatically post to twitter, etc.). So I decided to take a break from the crafty, designy, renovationy stuff for a post or two and talk about our experience moving from Blogger to WordPress. In this post I’m going to share with you how to start a WordPress blog. In future posts I’m going to share how you can really easily transfer your entire blog over from Blogger and not lose any of your Pinterest pins, or any of the search engine optimization or Google analytics or Google Adsense that your previous blog had – it will basically be the exact same blog and will continue to get all the traffic you have always got – just on a much more easy-to-use and powerful platform, WordPress! Yay!

Starting a hosted WordPress blog

It may be possible to sign up for a blog from WordPress.com, but that is not going to give you the customization and power that you need in order to really boost your blog traffic. We need to create our own hosted blog. Good news! It’s really not that difficult! Keep reading to find out how we do it.

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DIY 3D Settlers of Catan game board.

This is not a typical home-related project that I usually post, but I just had to share this amazing labour of love a friend of mine did for her boyfriend!

Her name is Al. She’s soft-spoken, but has a wickedly hilarious sense of humour, and is artistic in a way that I could only dream of.
Her boyfriend happens to be a huge Settlers of Catan fan, so like any thoughtful girlfriend, she decided to make him a 3D version of the game that only took over 80 hours to make (boyfriend, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

Here is how she described the process:

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New Year, new look + A command center in the making.

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a restful, wonderful holidays. We definitely enjoyed ours (and our little man started walking before Christmas as well, which meant we burned off the holiday calories as well, which was a bonus;)
For long-time readers, you probably noticed things are looking a bit different around here… my hubby did some coding magic for me and took me from this:

to what it looks like now. I love the new look. What about you? ;)

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