Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, new look + A command center in the making.

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a restful, wonderful holidays. We definitely enjoyed ours (and our little man started walking before Christmas as well, which meant we burned off the holiday calories as well, which was a bonus;)
For long-time readers, you probably noticed things are looking a bit different around here... my hubby did some coding magic for me and took me from this:
to what it looks like now. I love the new look. What about you? ;)

I also started the year off with a new macbook (a hand-me-down from my hubby), which unfortunately died on me. This doesn't help disprove his idea that electronic devices tend to die or break when they get into my hands. It has all of my newer photos on it, and is throwing a wrench my plans for posting newer projects. So, while I wait to be admitted at the Apple genius bar for help, I'll share some stuff that's been happening around here lately.

I've been uber excited to make a family command center on an empty wall in our kitchen. Here's what we've managed to complete so far... the full reveal later :)
The only thing left on the wall was a dusty piece of trim, a hole in the dry wall, and some of the beige paint left from the previous owners:
 We got rid of the trim,
 which revealed some of the wallpaper from years past. I take it they really liked beige...
We measured our space, and headed to Home Depot. I have been wanting to have a bit of board and batten action, and thought this space would be perfect as a guinea pig.
 We picked up two pieces of baseboard pieces (which were less than $6 apiece!).
 We measured them out, and cut them in the store using their hand saw & trim angle cutter (a great feature when you don't feel like dragging your own saw out into the snow!)
When we got back home with out pieces, we used a stud finder to see how we would drill our batten into place.
Using our air compressor nailer, 
we nailed the batten into place (the space is pretty tiny and would only allow for 3 battens before it started looking cramped).
we decided to simplify the whole deal by keeping the tile trim that was there when we moved in, rather than ripping it out. We just worked around it.
And the progress:
I used some wood filler to fill in the nail holes,
and wiped away the excess.
Then at night, while the little guy slept safely away from any paint fumes, I painted the board & batten white (using CIL paint, which we had on hand, annnd which I regret. I'm not a fan of CIL paint at all; it takes a minimum of three coats for it to stop being see-through... I must have given it 4 coats before I just gave up, and guzzled an inordinate amount of egg nog).
Before giving the 'After' shots, I'll just give you snippets of some of the other features on our wall..
We picked up some pretty shnazzy looking Edwardian coat hooks, which may have made me barf a little when paying $8 for each (but pain is beauty, right?) ;)
I also bought some pretty things from Staples including a clear clipboard, and pockets and bookplates from Martha Stewart's office supply line.
I also got a chipboard letter for our family initial, painted it a fun yellow, and cut out a part of a napkin (yup) to mod podge it on. I used glittery stickers to personalize it even more (I changed my mind from silver to gold).
And a minor thing I made, which I'm beginning to think is quite brilliant, is I needed something to tame my wildly curly edged calendar, so I made some large corners using a card we were going to recycle (of course, after reading the lovely message inside).
I just cut the attached corners of the cards into triangles the size I wanted,
 used clear tape to seal the opened side (not the largest edge).
 and I had a purty corner (which could totally be used in scrapbooking for photos... if you're the type to not mind cutting up cute cards people give you).
 And I just slid the edges of my calendar in, and taped the back of the corner against the wall. Easy. Peasy.
Okay, no more hints.
I've kind of thrown a lot of unfinished process pics at you, but I'll be back with the reveal later! :)

On another note, I've recently submitted the paperwork for returning to work at the end of this month (sob!), so excuse me if I'm a bit inconsistent with my posts.. I'm snuggling with this little guy:
Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!


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  2. Can't wait to see the reveal. Looks great so far! I love the newer colors you have for your blog. Looks beautiful.

  3. Wow! You have been B-U-S-Y! We just got a nail gun too (I think the same one). Isn't it awesome!! I can't wait to see how your project turns out. Thanks for linking up to Gingerly Made!

  4. Love it and love your blog my friend. GREAT job



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