Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Family Command Center.

Order is restored in our home.
Well, not really, but I'm at least one step closer to that being true...

My hubby and I are not the most organized people (we've been told by both sets of parents that was the case), so in effort to tame our paperwork, while making out home a little more lived-in, we decided to take this blank wall in our kitchen that we walk by everyday & turn it into a functional space:
speaking of mess, can you see what craziness is behind that wall?!?! Yep. That wall's cleaner than our living room. shame.

And turned it into this:
We first started with some board & batten (which I describe here. The space was small, so I could only fit three battens). And we added three Edwardian coat hooks for our lunch totes (my absolute favourite lunch bag for the little man)
Having our lunch bags here has been so much easier to find them and stuff them when on the go. I'm sure this will be a life saver down the road when the little is off to school.
Since we walked by it so often, I wanted it to be bright, cheery, yet functional so it would excite all family members when using it (ahem, speaking to the messy folk in the house).
My up-cycled cork board was given another face lift with a washi tape border (I just covered the front and sides with strips of tape), giving it the pop of colour it needed.
And I added two Martha Stewart pockets for incoming mail, and any paperwork that needed filing. I find these are the main culprits making piles around the house.
I also added a peel n' stick white board (MS made as well), which is superb! It was on sale at Staples for $1, and it is perfect for any quick family memos.
ignore that terribly bubbly trim. That sucker needs to be sanded down. Like, now.

Moving along,
we also can't forget my beloved Sugar Paper calendar from Target (I may or may not have hugged it a couple of times 'cuz it's so pretty).
Like mentioned before (here), I also made makeshift corner tamers for my calendar (looks like larger photo corners) using a greeting card that was going to be recycled.
In Michaels dollar section, I picked up this cardboard H, and just experimented (and did a sloppy job) with paint, and mod podging a pretty napkin on the front. I added some stickers with our wedding year to mark when our family was 'established' ;) And beside it hangs a floating frame with some of my favourite pictures with our boy (more details on that frame later).
At Staples they sell these cute clear clipboards (say that three times fast!;) for $5, which is kind of steep for that tiny thing, but I couldn't resist because, really, coupons and random quotes just look that much cuter on a lucite clipboard!

To store our pens and dry erase marker, I picked up a magnetic locker accessory from the dollar store, and just stuck it onto the side of our microwave (which happened to be just what the doctor ordered!), and it's perfect for jotting things down on my new MS magnetic notepad (also on sale at Staples)

At Michaels they carry adorable 'Cards in an Instant' which I had to snatch up because of how fun and colourful they were, and managed to sprinkle them around the wall.

So there you have it. 
Our simple, yet functional family command center... 
(as you can see, we're still working on replacing our foam 'area rug' with one that's a bit more grown up;)
Here's a quick before and after:
2014's already off to an organized start! Let's just hope it stays that way! :)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Jane :)


  1. Your command center looks great! I need to plan one of those, maybe it will keep us more organized.

    Tammy @ the colored door

  2. Very pretty and functional too, you've done a wonderful job with that extra space!

  3. I like the colour theme you chose, you've create a happy spot you just want to be there and look at it! You did great !

  4. Perfect! I couldn't survive without our command center. If only mine was as cute as yours. :) You've been featured at Gingerly Made today!

  5. Great job on the command center. I especially love the hooks for the lunch bags. I always think of hooks for back packs but I never thought about them for lunch bags. That would definately free up counter space.



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