Monday, December 23, 2013

Toronto Ice Storm, Merry Christmas & the best of twenty thirteen.

I'll be signing off for the rest of the year and leaving you with a couple of random things piled into one post.
Last night Toronto was hit by freezing rain like I've never seen before. We woke up to this:

and unfortunately a lot of folks had some of this:

as a result, many (including ourselves) were without power for almost the entire day (luckily it didn't last the 72 hours as predicted. We were already mourning a Christmas without electricity!). Some are still without, due to power lines that have been knocked down by falling branches.

We ended up staying at a relatives house for the night because our house got way too cold for the baby to sleep in...

We stayed home for most of the day, though, keeping occupied by reading, playing with the baby, and ordering pizza (which was a nice change from having to cook anything...) It made us realize just how dependent we are on electricity!

I managed to snap a few photos around my house (didn't venture any further than that!), but man, I realized just how beautiful and dangerous nature can be...

On another note, 2 days until Christmas!
We will be having family dinners & gatherings galore (and electricity to boot! Yahoo!), but here's our family card we sent out this year:

I ended up taking this picture in our living room, with many outtakes to get this wiggly guy to stay put (not for the faint of heart...)

Aaaand, to recap 2013 (can you believe it's almost over?), not surprisingly, with the arrival of our little man, the nursery was one of the popular projects of the year.
Here are the top 5 most-viewed posts of 2013:

1. Liam's Nursery Reveal:

and unrelated to anything babies:

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you in 2014!
Have a safe, wonderful, love-filled Christmas, and a very Happy New Year! :)



  1. So beautiful! I remember the last ice storm I lived through - thankfully the power stayed on!

    Stay safe, the roads must be horrendous!!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. my friend's family is dealing with this in upstate New York. your pictures are so pretty-it's crazy that something so pretty can be so dangerous!

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