Monday, December 9, 2013

faux gingerbread banner.

Happy Monday, folks!

I'll start this week with a confession: 
I love cookies.
like, a lot.

But this isn't about my cookie weakness, and how I sometimes eat a handful of chewy chocolate chip cookies while making dinner... or how my husband says he has to get at least one out of a package before I eat the whole thing myself...

This is about how to make a seriously awesome banner that looks like gingerbread cookies so you're not stuffing your face with them before you hang it up (or is that just me?)

Here's how it all comes together:
I used this leftover roll of cork, which I used for my 3D cork board...

I cut out sections, and drew my little gingerbread man

... which represented my hubby. The little guy and I got our own gingerbread people as well ;)

Then for the words, I cut out enough squares for each letter.

then cut out circles.

(they weren't perfectly round... well, usually anything baked in my house is not perfectly anything;).

For the 'icing', I used a tube of white puffy fabric paint.

And 'iced' away! This was almost as fun as the real deal!
(zero calories are consumed in the process as well. Bonuuuus!)

For our gingerbread family, I decided to give my hubby and I longer legs & arms (my hubby is a tall man, and well, I'd like to give my ginger-person longer legs, thank you!)

After they were decorated, they dried on the baking sheet ;)
(My lil' man has an 'L' on his chest for his initial... and I don't know why my neck looks like a tree trunk, but sigh... I guess I should just be happy with my longer legs).

Don't they look like real gingerbread from afar? :) My hubby got so excited when he saw them, thinking I managed to bake something without setting the smoke detector off... I sure fooled him! ;)

I found this adorable package of baker's twine in Target's dollar section, and I thought it'd be perfect for the banner (it's even wrapped around a gingerbread man... how perfect?)

To hang them, I got paper clips, unfolded one of the edges to act as the 'hook',

and glued them onto the backs of each piece.

And now it hangs under our new mirrored frames (which have yet to be properly filled), and above our couch.

I'm wishing they would be the real deal so they could make the place smell all gingerbready... but I guess this is helping me exercise self control.

Aside from the ginger-people, my favourite one would have to be my faux bois 'A'... that just looks cool, if I do say so myself... methinks this would be a GREAT idea for some cork coasters with the same look! hmm...

either way, these would make for great designs on actual gingerbread cookies! Hello, personalized gift anyone?? :)

Now, because they were all curled from being in the roll, some of the pieces needed to be secured with a bit of tape (you can see it poking out behind my herringbone 'C'. 
They held up pretty well with the added help.

Here's the cork-me with striped little booties:

my cork-hubby lookin' all fancy with his tie:

and my little man. I could gobble him up for reals... in the flesh AND in cork-form! ;)

there you have it. 
My very own faux gingerbread banner. 
No baking required. ;)

All this cookie talk has gotten me in the mood for some baked good therapy.
Have a faaaaantastic day, friends!


  1. What a cute idea. It turned out so great! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers.,

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  3. It's Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! I love this post and would love for you to link up to the Merriest Blog Hop and share your creations!

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