nursery love & life as of late (pt. 8).

Happppy Friday everyone (and a happy February 1st as well!)

I just wanted to piggyback my life as of late post with a big WOWZA. You, reader, have been uber sweet and so so so encouraging about the nursery. Thank you so much for your kind comments, and for giving this soon-to-pop mama a warm n’ fuzzy feeling all week long (much needed just thinking about the labour to come!)

There have been so many amazing blogs that have featured it, and you can check them out here. It’s also gained a bit of love from these sites as well: (bringing a crazy flood of lovely visitors & readers such as yourself!)

The creative force behind Apartment Therapy had a lot of wonderful things to say about the project. Their site is an everyday read for me, and it was exciting to see a bit of lil’ ol’ me on their website! The article is here.

Lindsay at Better After always showcases some crazy DIY projects, and adds a lot of her own witty touch to every post. Her take on the ‘before’ state of the room made me literally lol. Check it out here.

Again thank you!! (sick of hearing me say it??) ;)
Now, onto my random smorgasbord of things happening in my neck of the woods…

1. went thrifting and got all of this loot for the ol’ kitchen – a nice wood chopping board, small stainless steel bowls that are perfect for ketchup & other sauces, and a large Klean Kanteen water bottle for $1! (Take that, dollar store!) It’s reminded me that thrifting is great for regular day-to-day things, and not just for things in need of TLC.
2. the last item for my hospital bag – a little sweet treat from Costco for the hospital staff who’ll be tending to my needs. Once I tried a sample of that Almond Roca at Costco, I just had to buy it! (those samples are dangerous!)
3. the sugar my hubby & I devoured over a coffee date… our way of celebrating on the date of our baby’s expected birth, and the impending loss of freedom (for that very same reason ;)
4. got a wonderful surprise in my inbox that I won a free pair of Shoemint shoes from Cup of Jo‘s contest (on of my fave blogs)! It’s rare for me to win stuff, so I was uber excited about this one! (my dog couldn’t care less, though).
5. speaking of shoes, I picked up these animal print flats up after they were discovered in clearance, and were under $20! I’m ready to flash my pasty white feet in spring with these babies!
& last but not least,
6. I got pampered with a mani & pedi, and poured over mind-numbing tabloids – an indulgence that takes my mind off the fear of labour & gives me the false sense that having painted toes makes me that much more prepared. ;)
I hope you have a splendid weekend!!


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