life as of late (pt. 7)

1. I will never fry bacon on a pan. ever. again. After getting splattered too many times and yelping like a wussy, I learned how a way to bake pig from this pin. Bakin’ bacon? you’ll never be happier.
2.  met with friends over sushi & delicious dessert… I gotta admit I’m excited for my impending due date so I can truly go to town on sushi (I’ve been steering clear of raw fish for too long! Veggie sushi just doesn’t seem legit to me). For dessert we had peanut butter cheesecake & a rose peach sorbet. yum!
3. a picture I took of the CN tower while stuck in traffic during rush hour (just seemed like a nice patriotic way to pass the time). 
4. with the expected due date being in less than a week, my feet are feeling a tad neglected in the shadow of my belly. I just might book a pedicure in between the more important things that I need to get done.
5. my hubby has been waning between being in sickness & in health, so I’ve been pounding back these suckers (and threatening to lock him in a closet if he coughs without covering his mouth).
6. I received a ridiculously generous care package from a dear friend in British Columbia. Mini me is already spoiled & will be donning that Leafs cap proudly (even though his parents are probably the only Canadians who don’t watch hockey, unless during the Olympics. We’re wishy-washy like that).
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend steering clear of viruses!

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