Friday, January 4, 2013

life as of late (pt. 6) + happy weekend!
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what are your plans for this weekend?
For me, it's the last weekend before school begins again (and it just might be my last week or two before I go on maternity leave... yay & yikes at the same time!).

I just thought I'd share some tidbits from my life as of late (well, the stuff that doesn't involve me knee-deep in paint, kraft paper, and other craft randomness).

We just got these puppies for a pretty good deal after the holidays. As you can see, there is a lot of renovating that is still taking place (and cleaning up, as evidenced by the hub's stray shoe).

A spontaneous shopping trip downtown with my cousin ends in gelato (I got banana & hazelnut flavoured gelato. Oh, and it was well below 0-degrees, but isn't it welcome anytime?)

an IKEA Frame sale was well-utilized.

dessert with a good friend at a modern dessert bar (which I unfortunately cannot remember for the life of me).

and a glorious wall of washi.

I hope to share with you some of the major renovations happening in our neck of the woods, but in due time... :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend & thanks for reading!
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  1. I have just recently discovered washi tape...oohh the possibilities! That washi wall (and the gelato) looks amazing! :)



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