from hole to holy moly: a bathroom makeover.

I thought I’d share a radical renovation done by one of our closest friends.
After purchasing their new home, they gave their home a lot of TLC, making it liken a lot of pictures you’d see on a magazine cover in the grocery aisle. One section they changed just happened to be the storage area in their basement:

A lot of people have rooms like this in their basements and use it to store knick knacks, Christmas decorations, relatives… okay, well maybe not (there’d at least be a bed in there… ;)

But, not a lot of people would look at this and think to build a completely new room, but our friend? 
He thought this partially un-used space could be used more effectively.
The room got a bit of a cleaning…

And somehow while juggling work, three kiddies, and everything else that would give someone reason to just sit on the couch and stuff ones face with potato chips, here’s a peek into the new bathroom he single-handedly completed:
(starting off with a very welcoming entrance…)
He added a lovely shower, and even made a storage area inside the wall! (well-thought out details that anyone would admire as they sat upon the john…). 
And speaking of sitting, here’s a peek inside the shower:
It’s like a tiled retreat where anyone could escape & just sit under the spout, reflect on the day while turning into a prune…
Now this is where it gets a bit blurry, but you can see on the other side of the bathroom, he put in an elegant vanity (nicely outfitted with sconces), as well as a wall separating from some much-coveted storage space. 
And going into the bathroom further, beyond the shelves, the stacked washer & dryer were built in, as well as a neat receptacle which holds the fabric softener and also hides garbage in a chic way (not an easy task). Even the window got a little love with a dark wood trim.

From his tile choice, to paint colours, to layout, our friend deserves an award (and deserves to be hired to design hotel bathrooms, cuz I’m pretty sure this looks nicer than the bathroom we had for our honeymoon).
I don’t know if any room in the house can be the man/woman cave, but this bathroom is a serious contender. Tiled shower seat, here I come!


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    WOW!! Your friend did an amazing job! He really put thought into every little detail and it shows! I love that he was able to make usable space out of that extra area and that he was able to do it so beautifully!

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    What an awesome bathroom! I wish I had that in my house! Oh wait… that is my house! lol. Thanks UrbaneJane for so many nice words and for all the nice comments I've read. If I posted this on my blog, which I don't have, I would be the only one commenting on it. Cheers!

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