DIY painted curtains

For the nursery, I wanted an easy way to get add a bit of pattern and colour to the window coverings without investing in expensive fabric for a custom set or get store-bought packaged ones.

So, on a trip to IKEA I picked up the RITVA curtains, and used materials I already had at home (the paint was leftover from painting a part of the nursery, and I used Martha Stewart’s fabric medium which I had for ages just waiting to be used).
On the inner curtains edges, I measured 6 cm and left a tiny pencil mark (while being careful to not use the natural lines on the curtain to guide me… they were definitely not straight!).
Then, I used 3M scotch tape and taped just above all the tick marks.

Then I began adding tape all the way down, kind of wingin’ the spaces between each piece of tape (I’m lazy that way),

This is what it looked like finished along the vertical edge,
and for the bottom edge, I just measured 10 cm from the bottom and left it without the stripes because I wanted a simple band of colour.
For the second panel, I just used the first curtain to give a general idea of the spacing between the tape.
and then I mixed my paint & medium.

I followed the instructions and mixed 2 parts paint with one part medium. 
Then using the sponge brush, I began painting away!

Once both panels were painted, I let them dry for 24 hours.
The next day, I removed the tape. A word of advice, make sure to double-check that the tape is perfectly adhered to the fabric before painting! I got a little bit of bleeding, but maybe that just gives it a bit of vintage character?? ;)
I then heat set the paint by ironing over it (with a cotton sheet in between).
The end result was exactly what I wanted: a hint of colour and personality to otherwise simple drapes!
I love the way it looks with the bamboo shades I got for 70% off the regular price, at under $7!
Because the room is pretty small (10×10), the crib will be right beneath the window, so here’s the new curtain alongside the custom bedding.

Not bad for a free makeover!
The nursery is SHO’ coming along, and I can’t wait to show you errrthang.


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    I love what you did to these curtains! The whole nursery is beautiful!
    We also have a small nursery (and two kids under the age of 2 that we need to fit in there!).
    I have been thinking about putting a crib under the window, but have been hesitant…have you experienced any issues with baby pulling on the curtains at all?

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