diy copycat baby bedding

Happy New Year!!

okay, let me start 2013 with a project that I can’t take any credit for… well, if you count picking the bedding out as something praiseworthy, I’ll settle for that, but the REAL applause goes to my ever-so-talented mother-in-law.

While shopping for nursery bedding, I didn’t like anything I saw in the big box stores, and the ones that I kind of liked, happened to be way out of my budget. So, after much web-surfing, I came across an amazing site that had just what I wanted: bedding that was classic, gender-neutral, and something I would enjoy looking at day after day (because really, the kid won’t know the difference).

New Arrivals Inc. had SO many adorable, chic bedding sets to choose from, but I happened to fall in love with their Picket Fence set (pictured below from their site):

Only one problem: I didn’t want to fork out the $600+ for the thing (if we factor in shipping to Canada), so after MORE web scouring, I found the exact fabric colours & patterns from Carousel Designs that I needed to get it custom made.

Here is what my order consisted of:

This website did a fantastic job at having coordinating fabrics, and the price was pretty amazing too! In total it cost less than $85 buckaroos (including shipping to Canada)!!

Now enter: MIL with a serious knack for all things knitting, sewing, crocheting, renovating, painting, cooking… I’m talking one-stop-shop-Renaissance-woman (I’m pretty sure she wears a cape while no ones looking).

After the fabric arrived, she took ONE WEEK (!)  to whip those suckers into this:

pretty amazing, huh?

She even made that lovely chevron pillow which I’ll be using on the nursing chair.
Also, I didn’t want a crib skirt because our crib has a drawer on the bottom…

My MIL also made another bed sheet from the light blue with white polka-dot fabric, so if the baby makes a mess, a change will not compromise the colour schemes (cuz I’m sure I’ll care about that when I’m up feeding the babe at an ungodly hour ;)

I wish I could provide you with a play-by-play breakdown of how this was made, but it was just given to me on Christmas day the way you see it now (oh, and did I mention she paid for the fabric as well??) 
I’ve gotta say I’m spoiled by one crazy-amazing mother-in-law! :)


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    Wow! This turned out absolutely gorgeous. I'm expecting my first in March, but I don't really have space for a nursery. Wish I did, so I could also create a beautiful space like this. Link up anytime to I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions.

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    Absolutely stunning!!!! Love the neutral yet whimsical fabrics!! You are so lucky to have a super woman MIL!! I hope one day I can get to that point too… Heehee <3

    I wanna see I wanna see I wanna see in person!! :P

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    It is SO PRETTY!!! Love, love, love. Kudos to her. Stopping by from your Nifty Thrifty Sunday feature. Now I'm gonna poke around some more. :o)

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    I think that is gorgeous!! I actually have been looking on Carousel Designs for awhile for my baby girl – due in June :). They have very lovely fabrics and I think it's great that you can customize.

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