a steal for the nursery.

ok, you know me and bamboo (need we revisit the chair & dresser?). Well, the insanity continues…

One night after a heavy meal, I thought I’d take a drive to the local Goodwill (needless to say my new years resolutions do not involve exercising more).
And lucky for my lazy self, I found this table sitting in a dark corner of the store.

She had seen better days, but I did me a bit of research and she happened to be a nesting table , and sold out on etsy, here, and quite a few other places.
I don’t know how much the set sold for on those sites, BUT this lonely faux bamboo table was priced at $8.08 (such a random price) with another 75% off.

With the discount, it was mine for less than $3!
For an extremely easy transformation, I just gave it two good coats of this that I already had on hand:
And here she stands, my cheapo side table (with bad lighting):
ahh… much better. I added a tray to the top just so I wouldn’t have to worry about plunking things down on the glass top.
It also fits an IKEA wicker basket perfectly, which will carry extra blankets, extra slipcovers for the breast feeding pillow, burp cloths, and all the other necessities I’ll need.
And a close-up of some other things of importance :)
and my final bamboo installment in the nursery. For less than $3 (just love the way that sounds!) ;)
And it looks great beside my painted curtains! :)
Well, today I begin my maternity leave (3 weeks left until the little gaffer joins our family!). I’ll be spending it prepping the hospital bag, catching up on mama books, and getting some good ol’ rest (I hear from many that it’ll be my last chance to in a long time!). :)
I hope you’re having a lovely Monday!!


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    Woowwww! What a steal — and soo gorgeous! It's perfect!
    I'm planning on buying a small second-hand dresser to fit in my bedroom, but I'm having such a hard time finding a good deal, with good bones. I've been on CG/kijiji but have yet to find anything I really like..

    Any tips on good finds? Or your favorite thrifts stores in the GTA?
    You're amazing!

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      Thanks, Sarah! Yeah, finding furniture off CL or kijiji takes a lot of patience, having a general idea of the style & price in mind, as well as not getting too attached to something you see (I've lost many a good deal because I was too slow in responding). As for favorite places, it's just been my local Goodwills & thrift stores. Seeing as you live downtown, there are so many

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