a spoiled mama.

Yes. With major help from my web-design-savvy-other-half, I have made my first ever mood board.
I came up with a little round of goodies that have made my transition into motherhood just that much sweeter.

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1. the m-coat was a serious life-saver this winter. the extra panel on the front was great to grow into, and I can even use it after with the baby underneath so mama & babe can be toasty in brutal Toronto weather.
2. my venti Starbucks cold cup has forced me to drink more water, seeing as usually I drink maaaybe a cup of water a day.
3. I do not, nor cannot claim to be a photographer (heck, I don’t even know the model # of the Canon i own), but I have to say my camera has gotten some mileage in my nesting process, in somewhat documenting my growing self, and I’m sure will be snapping madly away when the kid arrives.
4. this stuff is great. I’ve been told that no product keeps stretch marks away, but if there was a product that I would gladly use as a placebo, it’d be this stuff; I got mine from Whole Foods, and it was recommended to me profusely by the nice lady there. It’s a bit pricey ($30 per bottle), but it wasn’t sticky or greasy, it took away the itchiness that stretching skin can give you, and it made my bump smell nice. TMI?
5. we bought the frog off CL in this exact colour (and got a crazy deal at that), and although I haven’t used it yet, I am loving the not-clunkity-look of this stroller compared to the other ones on the market. Before the baby arrives, I’ll definitely need to hit replay about a hundred more times on the youtube video that shows how to fold & unfold the thing, though!
6. I don’t know if it’s sad if someone is excited to use a breast-feeding pillow, but I have to admit, I am. I got this sucker plus three covers (unfortunately not the snazzy cover pictured there), and with ointment in tow, bring on the feeding, baby! 
7. last but not least, I asked my hubby to get this for me for Christmas (originally I vowed to not ask for anything baby-related for Christmas, but I’m so glad I caved in on that vow). I wanted a diaper bag that could look good on my hubby’s shoulder or mine (cuz, I ain’t the only one changing diapers, ya hear?!), and that had a lot of compartments, and of course that I liked the look of. I’m not really a crazy colours & patterns type of gal, so this black one suited me just fine.
Well, there ya have it. 
Hopefully my first of many mood boards (that is, if my hubby has enough patience to walk me through errrrthang again. and again).


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    I have that diaper bag in slate, for the same reason of my husband having to carry it. weirdly he wasn't into repurposing my old gold lame oversized purse for the baby. It's a great bag with tons of pockets and the freezer pocket is fantastic. it's faded a bit over time but overall i LOVE it.

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      oh I'm glad to hear it's served you well! I've seen so many diaper bags on the market, and this one just seemed to fit the bill of functionality and appearance (I've seen so many that I categorize as shlumpy or a tad too feminine for my husbands taste!). I can't wait to use it! :)

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