Tuesday, December 18, 2012

tree ornaments at home & work

Something I decided to start this year was collect ornaments which mark significant milestones in our lives, and add it to the tree... I thought I would share the start of the collection with you.

This Pottery Barn ornament represents when my hubby popped the question on New Years 2009 on a trip to NYC. He sat me down in a gazebo in Central Park where his friend planted a guitar so he could sing a song he wrote before he proposed... all while a drunken man sat two feet away talking to us as he sang. It was uber romantic.

The next ornament I found in Home Sense. It represents our first home as a married couple (we're currently renting it out, which is a bit bittersweet thinking about all of the sweat put into it!). I just had to get it, seeing it in the adorable little glass cloche.

And lastly, this was found in The Bay, which I got at a 50% off sale (woohoo!). This represents our new home, which hopefully will look as glittery & welcoming as this little bauble appears (currently it is everything but glittery... crusty is the best way to describe it).

I'm still on the search for the perfect ornaments to represent our marriage, getting out fur baby, and of course, celebrating the lil' bun in the oven.

Now onto some ornaments I would love to share from some of my Grade 6 students! 
Last year I shared my 'Geome-tree' where my Grade 7 students strutted their 3D geometry skills, but this year, my little sixers practiced their measuring skills by making their own ornaments.

They had to create an ornament with a minimum of 3 parts to piece together, and each piece had to be measured showing the area and perimeter (they could use felt, card stock, or whatever material they wanted). The base piece could not exceed an area of 200 square centimeters. 

The kids had a blast designing and making them... and it was such a thrill having a little Santa's workshop feel in our classroom!

And what was even cooler was some students decided to challenge themselves and learn how to find the area of a 3-dimensional sphere to make their ornaments...

and some students learned how to sew for the first time (even forcing themselves to get over their fear of little sharp needles)!

It's crazy what these 10-11 year olds created! 

Maybe I should just ask some of these kiddos to make me the ornaments I'm looking for! ;)

Well, on this lovely note on education, I'm spending half of my day unfortunately at our teacher strike, and I'm seriously thinking about bringing my lawn chair that unfolds into a bed to... would that look bad? does being pregnant give me reason to do that? lol

I hope you have a wonderful day~!


  1. I love the story about how your husband proposed! Nothing like a drunk man there to spice things up!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, you can read more here,

    Design Fluff aka "Lucy"

  2. What a great way to collect meaningful reminders!



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