refinished faux bamboo dresser.

Why, hello!
I hope you are sufficiently stuffed like a turkey (pun intended ;) from the holiday festivities. I know I am! We had our family Christmas dinner & gift exchange (which we do ‘yankee swap‘ style, but add our own variation to amp up the competitiveness & stress of the gift exchange). It’s always the highlight of the evening & filled with roaring laughter, cut-throat action, and usually a few people who end up completely shafted by the end of the night… I guess that’s how my family enjoys the holidays. haha

Although in total my hubby and I will be attending three family Christmas dinners (one early in the new year), and there are moments of R&R, this holiday has been mainly packed with the renovations of the new home.

Before I can show before and after pictures of our big projects, I thought I’d share a project I’ve completed. I might be the only person still loving faux bamboo furniture, but I found this dresser on CL for a whopping $25, and just had to have it!

It had a lovely array of soggy stickers on the top, a strange not-solid-wood-or-particle-board-frame, and a hideous colour (which to me looked like green tea ice cream meets barf… maybe Pantone’s colour for 2014? ;)
But the drawers opened nicely, and it had some solid bones that I could work with (and my dog could work with as well…)

Because the piece wasn’t real wood, I gave it a coat of Kilz primer after taping the edges.
Already it looked better… goodbye green tea barf!

With the hardware, I decided to keep my costs low by not replacing them, but instead giving them a good coat of metallic spray paint that I already had on hand; they were in good condition, and that I liked the look of them, so I was happy to keep them.
Now, just as I was about to give the drawers & frame a good spray paint makeover, this happened:
The white stuff finally came (a couple days late for Christmas, I might add)…
This left my dog and I to patiently wait to see if global warming would help us out and give us a sudden warm front to paint outside, but no luck (I’m sure that’s better for the Earth that it didn’t anyway ;)

So instead, I brought the project indoors.
Using a brush, small foam roller, and some leftover interior semi-gloss paint in white, the transformation began…
Now, the tricky part was painting the bamboo’d beast without leaving paintbrush marks (using a handy spray paint can would’ve eliminated this problem, but I don’t want to mourn that being taken away from me again ;)
So, I found the best way to paint the dresser (including all of it’s bamboo edges) sans streak marks was by doing the following:
I first used the brush to glob on paint, making sure to fill in the bamboo nooks n’ crannies (no special technique here, just glob ‘er on!)
Then before the paint dries, use a dry foam paint roller, and smooth out the brush marks (making sure to get the foam edge in to all of the tiny crevices, so you’re not left with dried chunks of paint in the end).

The globs will magically disappear!

And repeat until you’re happy with the coverage.

Before I reveal the final product, I thought we’d take a brief walk down memory lane:
… a green beast fit for a dog (and her looney toons pillow).
And now:
A bright and cheery dresser fit for the baby nursery (which I shall reveal at a later date).
If you ignore the crusty flooring that will soon be replaced, you can see a chic dresser that provides extra storage for baby things, but can also be placed anywhere else in the house for when we turn it into a big boy room (sheesh… I’m getting ahead of myself!)
A closer view:
I will probably be using this strictly for extra storage and use my antique dresser as the change table (the height works out better with that one), and it will probably have other things decorating the top, but I thought I’d give a little bit of a sneak peek with some of our nursery items:
I found etsy art that I just had to have here (more on that later), and this is a small growing collection of baby books (and one of my favourite series, Scaredy Squirrel). I also found this adorable apple rattle from Baby Gap today which I got for under $4! Perfect for this baby’s teacher-mama. ;)
Well, to wrap things up and to save you from scrolling, here she stands:
On another note, can you believe 2013 is just two days away?
I’ll be spending the rest of 2012 meeting up with close friends over good food, puttering away on the home, and spending some much-needed quality time with the hubby & fur baby before the kiddo arrives.
Stay safe in the snow (if you’re getting some your way), and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. says

    This is beautiful! I didn't think I liked bamboo furniture but I think you've changed my mind! Its perfect for a nursery… I am planning my own nursery right now and wish I had something like this! So glad I found your blog… I am your newest follower!


  2. Anonymous says

    I love the way the chest came out. I have a similar set that I'm contemplating refinishing.
    Did you have to sand the piece to have the paint stick to it?
    I see that you did this last year but I'm just finding it now.

    • says

      Hi there!
      Yes I do! Sorry, I’m going through a site redesign and the link was broken. You can follow me @urbane_jane.
      Thanks so much!!!

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