refinished antique dresser & DIY dotty drawer liners!

We’ve finally moved into our new home, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind living among boxes and some funky decor choices from the previous owners.
Knowing our timeline is pretty tight before the baby arrives (I’m 33 weeks preggers! Crazy!!) one of my first focuses has been the future nursery.

The first project I decided to tackle was the change table, which I opted for an antique dresser that I found of CL for a whopping $25.

I was loving the price, the cute gold hardware, but as you can see it is in not-so-great shape…

It had strange stains, cracking paint,
and wallpapered drawers (along with a tissue. nice).

 After removing the hardware, I decided to give it a good coat of paint 
(now, note to self: snap out of baby brain and read label… if it says OIL paint, do not buy and apply like I did this time… sigh, thank goodness for windows, fans, and running out of the house until fumes die down significantly). 
needless to say, that dresser received one coat of stinky paint (my baby brain can’t afford to lose any more cells).
To add a special touch to the dresser, I got a $5 Behr paint sample of paint in Rain Washed (a nice smoky baby blue, which incidentally matches the baby bedding perfectly, without me realizing!). 
and taped off the drawer fronts, and started to paint the outer and inner sides of the drawers…

Annnd it doesn’t stop there. To cover up the tacky drawer liner, I decided to just make my own cheapo version.
I got out my white craft paint, some plain brown kraft paper (which I measured and cut to fit each drawer), and bought a spouncer from Michaels.
And then I went to town… 

If you haven’t spounced before… you gotta get spouncin’ asap. #funtobehad
After the dots dried, using some double sided tape, I covered up the 70s wallpaper (and my wonderful painting job). This was by far the cheapest and easiest diy drawer liner!
In the end, even my unpainted walls & soon-to-be-recovered flooring was not enough to distract me from the new glossy face of the change-table-to-be…

It not only had a pretty outside (lovin’ the hardware!!),
but it also had an adorable inside to boast of!

The light blue touch is just enough colour, and the dots are enough whimsy to bring a smile to my face… and an even bigger smile forms when I see the collection of onesies growing!
um.. I’m just realizing our kid will be wearing stripes – a lot.
it’s crazy to remember what it looked like before! And the transformation was less than $15!
Well, we’re heading up to my hubby’s side of the family this weekend for some much-needed family time… I always love taking the 2 hour trip there because it means good convo with the hubby along the way, having our fur baby curled up in the back, and getting some greasy fast food for the road!
I hope you have a wonderful night. :)


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    this looks great. I always love seeing/being able to turn a cheap terribl looking piece into something that looks more brand new. I especially love the polka dotted liner :)
    stopping by from ginger snap crafts and newly following

  2. says

    What a beautiful transformation! Love the polka dot liner too!
    Your newest follower – would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!
    The happiest of New Years!
    from Montreal

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    looks great–I love the drawer liners! And I'm glad I'm not the only one guilty of being unable to resist doing some stinky painting while pregnant ;)

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    This one is awesome too!! only 15 bucks is great! I have been buying tons on onsies too.. its crazy to think that I'll soon have someone so small to fit them all!


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    Hi Jane, I was wondering how tall the dresser is, please. I am trying to see what’s best for use both as a dresser and a changing table…:-) It all looks beautiful!!

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