life as of late (part 5) & wishes.

Just thought I’d share a good ol’ cup of randomness, and give you an idea of the lovely (and not so lovely) happenings this Christmas season:

let’s start with the good stuff:

Our fur baby, Peaches, by the tree…

a delicious date night with the other half devouring pasta here

some seriously cute onesies & pjs I got for the future kiddo for $4 each on clearance here! (the one with the tools is perfect for a boy who’ll be raised by my hubby!)…

Some craft tape from Michaels on clearance for $1.50 per roll (lookit me, already incorporating the colour of 2013 in my holiday wrapping!) ;)
(in action & ready for the tree!)
some cute gift tags I found here for supa’ cheap! My favourite is the gold polka dot one (Hm, I’m noticing a trend)…
Now onto the not-so-lovely parts of my holiday so far:
After we moved into our new house, I’ve focused on attacking the wallpaper in the future nursery. Here it is before (with the previous owner’s massage bed… shudder).
I’ve been trying the different techniques of removing wallpaper I mentioned here, and although they are helpful, steaming/spraying & scraping is a seriously tedious job!

… even Instagram in all it’s sepia glory, can’t make the job look pretty.

Well, to end off on a nice festive note,
here’s one of my favourite ornaments donning our tree, which was a gift from a friend (it looks like a bunch of fine tinsel inside, but is a whole whack-load of thin strands of glass!)

And of course the smug bird in our tree wishes you and your family a safe & love-filled Christmas.
with much love, 


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    I feel so sorry for you having to remove all of that wallpaper! You poor thing! I hate removing wallpaper, it is very tedious as you mentioned!

    As for the gift tags, I love them! Anything with stripes or gold polka dots!

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