yo mama! (and an award :)

Got any plans for celebrating Mother’s Day? Aside from a family dinner this Sunday, my mom told me she received 4 free tickets to the circus for next weekend (*crossed fingers* for Cirque du Soleil), so I guess we’ll be extending our MD festivities over the next two weekends.

I just checked my blog email for the first time today (*tsk. I know), and I was so pleased to see so many amazing emails from fellow bloggers responding to posts & my comments. The blog community is seriously awesome.
One of the emails that brightened my day was one from Samaa at Honey Sweet Home who has graciously awarded me with being:
As Spiderman would say, with much power comes much responsibility ;) … so with it I am to share 7 random things about myself (you can read Samaa’s here :) 
Ready? Buckle up! 
1. my husband and I have a secret voice we use at home when talking to each other. It changes from annoying squeaking to a strange static sound… k, I never said this would make you like me more.
2. I have a problem with laughing at inappropriate moments (i.e. if people trip, fall, slip, you get the twisted picture). 
3. A life achievement that I am proud of, yet not proud of is finishing a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts in 30 minutes. They’re just so light n’ fluffy!
4. I got my puppy-dog off of the Canadian equivalent of Craigslist. For free. With free grooming forever. Call me a cheapskate, but I needed any leverage to convince my husband to keep her (and he loves a bargain!)

5. I’ve perfected the art of smelling my own breath. My face twists very unattractively, but it’s quite effective. I’ll DIY it one day.

6. In high school I tried out for the school play (Dorothy, the scarecrow, heck, I would have taken Toto if they let me!), but they were too nice to reject me outrightly, so they invented a character for me. I played a marching army man. like, seriously? Not even a flying monkey. An army man.

7. I’ve had size 9 feet since I was in junior high. I basically grew into them. My uncle has called me Big Foot since then and I’ve always been aware of those ham hocks.

Well, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about yours truly.
To spread the love, I’m extending this award to:

Sharon & the ladies at Elizabeth and co.

These ladies are uber talented and always post inspiring eye candy. Check them out & I’m sure you’ll agree! :)

Hope your weekend is nothing short of wonderful!


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