a start to this tin woman’s collection

it has been a while since I’ve posted. Things have been pretty busy, and with report cards ahead, things promise to only get busier.
I figure I would start by sharing a simple post (I know I’ve promised to share my wild misadventures with homemade jewelry, and I’ll do that soon… promise).

Well, I came across this rusted fellow in the local second-hand shop. I have always wanted to start a tea tin collection (and have yet been kicking myself for not stocking up on my past trips to England)… which makes me think this would be reason enough to go back soon? ;)

Although it wasn’t from the Queen Mother’s pantry, this rusty, crusty thing was apparently made in India (according to the rusty, crusty sticker on the bottom). Wherever it came from, I couldn’t pass up the etched labels on the can; it beats a sticker any day.

Speaking of sticker, the remnants of this one probably had a cheaper price on it from a garage sale, but I happily paid the $5 for it from the store.
With some Parker & Bailey Silver Polish, a rag, and gloves, I began to give it a good polishing.

The polish did wonders… can you see the before and after happening before your very eyes? :)

With some freshly picked peonies (my favourite flowers) from my backyard garden, I had a fragrant and lovely centerpiece for our living room.

I love how the label wraps around the can,

And how the previous owners of our house were nice enough to plant these flowers.

A great start to my collection, I’d say! :)

Well, it’s good to be blogging once more.
Hope your week is going swimmingly! 


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    What a find under all that grunge! The peonies are perfect with the gleam of the tea tin. Love peonies, but have to admire from afar – it's too hot here (SC) for them to survive! Came over from Nifty Thrifty.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

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