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mod podged fabric frame
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The title pretty much sums it up!

You might remember this little guy that made an appearance on the table I recently refinished for a friend. It was such an easy craft and one that puts fabric scraps to use in a really chic way.

I used one of the fabric swatches I got for free from the friendly folks at Tonic living, and the other items I already had (the only thing I spent money on was the $1.50 frame from Michaels!)

I began by coating the front of the frame with mod podge (I used the outdoor kind, but any mod podge types would be fine).

The frame was laid flat on the fabric & I just adjusted to make sure the print was straight and the fabric taut.

With a pencil, I marked the angles of the corners, indicating where I would make the cuts in the fabric.

Then I punctured a hole with a scissor blade, and cut to the corners of the frame. The centers of the fabric were then trimmed.

I mod podged the remaining flaps,

and flattened them against the frames. They were left to dry for a couple of hours.

For the chalkboard insert, I just used the paper insert that came with the frame, and painted it with Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint (about 3 coats), and let it dry {I forgot to take pictures of this one}

Now, I have a really fun coral chevron frame that only cost me $1.50!

now modeling with some of my favourite items: books, fun straws, and my brass elephants.

Not only is this great for helping declutter my fabric drawer, but it's also showcasing the print in a fun way. Try it sometime! :)
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  1. Awesome idea!! I think I have a few of those cheap-o frames around somewhere. Thanks for the inspiration. That fabric is fantastic.

  2. i love this. terribly. and it looks pretty easy too!
    thanks for the how-to on them!
    x jes, www.twosmuppies.com

  3. Love simple projecs! This looks great! Love the red chevron! I would LOVE to have you share this at my link party going on!! I am your newest GFC follower...would love to have you check out my place too!


  4. Love the frame! I've been thinking about doing that for a frame in my office..thanks for the tutorial! Stopping by from 36th Avenue :)

  5. can i copy you miss yoo? please? in your words, i am inspired by this and would love to use you as my role model in crafts!

  6. Super cute, Jane!
    I have lots of small pieces of cute fabric lying around that are too cute to toss and now I can try to make some of these!If you get a second this weekend, I would love to have you link up over at my Get Schooled Saturday linky party going on form now until Monday night.
    Kim @ Too Much Time

  7. ah!! I am totally doing this! My boys' room has red chevron pillows and I have fabric left over! This would be perfect in their room!!! LOVE IT! Thank you!!!

    I'd love if you'd link this up to my link party going on now! My readers would LOVE it too!


    XOXO, Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  8. Great idea! Your frame turned out super cute! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  9. LOVE! I have a timber frame... I think I just found a good use for it! :) Thanks.

  10. This is sooo cute! have lots of extra fabric and this would be a terrific gift idea for it!! ;)

  11. Awesome idea. I have done this with scrapbook paper, but I like the idea of fabric!

  12. just love it! really simple and beautiful!
    thanks for sharing

  13. your corners on this project turned out awesome! Mine never turn out that good!
    I am visiting from Skip to my Lou, and I have been looking through all your projects. You have some great, great stuff here! I would love it if you'd come over and link up some of your OLDER posts (that's right, Older). I host and oldie's link party, where we strive to give a little more exposure to those old, awesome posts that we were writing when only our moms and husbands were reading our blogs (or was that just me?!?)
    So, consider stopping by!



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