life as of late – part 3

I know it’s only Wednesday and the week is not yet done, but it’s been pretty packed thus far.
Thought I’d share some moments with you…

I thought I would try out a local bakery that I’ve walked and drove by many times. Kate’s Town Talk Bakery had some serious desserts.

We tried their Ginger cookie, Peanut butter kiss cookie, and their butter tart.
Their ginger cookie was scrumptious (sugary crust on the outside, soft n’ moist on the inside), and the butter tart was to.die.for.
gooey & chewy in all of the right places.

*wiping drool off face*
Recently my husband and I started this new tradition where every weekend we would take turns in finding and trying a new eatery. This Sunday it was my turn, and seeing as I’m a girl who LOVES hole-in-the-wall eateries with (probably unhealthy, but) oh-so-delicious food, I looked under the ‘Bargain Gems’ section on my urbanspoon app, and found this:

So to Mickey’s Pizza we went, and found out it was definitely not a ghetto hole-in-the-wall, but was just as awesome as the ratings said it would be.
We tried their Chicago style ‘Killer King Chicken Hawaiian’ pizza, which had BBQ chicken, strip bacon, pineapple, and mango!

The dough was really tasty and when we left completely stuffed with the bricks in our bellies, we didn’t feel gross n’ greasy like we normally do with Chicago pizza. Worth the try if you’re nearby!
The rest of our night consisted of eating petite yummies while perusing books at Chapters, then waiting in line for an hour and a half (!) to see The Avengers…
We also went on a nice drive through a pretty area of town, but before we did, my hubby said he was craving fruit. After a trip to the grocery store, packing grapes, raspberries, and Magic Bulleting a watermelon, we were ready to go:
On our drive down to the lakeside, we were in awe of how huge and bright the moon was. It was a warm night, so it was cute to see families and many older couples holding hands and walking about :)
When it was my husband’s turn, he decided we could celebrate Cinco de Mayo by taking me to a local restaurant called Latin Super Chicken. It was another urbanspoon find with a 90% rating! 
When we got there, the restaurant was actually a convenience store with a chicken rotisserie behind the counter (awesome factor through the roof, I’d say)! The staff were extremely friendly, and the chicken absolutely delicious.
My husband was extremely giddy that everything was imported from South America (he’s travelled there many times for mission trips), and we washed our meal down with an authentic Peruvian soft drink, Inca Cola, while discussing potential travel plans to revisit South America. The power of this chicken, I tells ya. ;)
Yesterday I went on a school trip the the CN Tower with over 120 students and 5 teachers (half of our Grade 7 population). Fun times were had by all, especially myself when taunting the kids who were afraid of heights that we were going skydiving *evil grin*

While the kiddies were on a scavenger hunt, some of us teachers decided to eat in one of the restaurants overlooking the city. Good view, good food, good company, good times.
I had the restaurant’s ‘Best Toronto Burger’, which was probably the most expensive burger I ate ($19!). 

speaking of burgers, on another recent date with the hubby, we were excited to find out The Works opened up a franchise near our church.
We shared a root beer float (in a measuring cup – such a cool idea!)

My hubby had some burger with bacon, cheese galore, and more bacon. Mine (pictured below) had bacon, half an avocado, cheddar cheese, and feta cheese. It was amazing.
After our burgs, I was extremely elated to see an Anthropologie opened up shop three doors down from the restaurant! (I’m all for Canadian identity, but I have NO objections to seriously awesome American stores gracing us with their presence!)
hm… this Anthro frame looks strangely familiar.. ;)
We also shared a freshly-blended watermelon bubble tea. Summer in a cup!
{oh and since then, I’ve cut my talons as well. boy, if my mother saw this, she would freak ;}
Now, before I start breaking out the shorts n’ sunscreen, today as I was just getting home and letting the pooch out, I saw this happen:
What the HAIL?!?!
…and then I saw this:
(a seriously disgruntled dog that got pummeled).
okay, I’ll end on that (cute) note. I thought it might be nice to not leave you with a food picture & with a lasting impression that I’m a pig.
32 school days left!
{but who’s counting?}


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    i am literally drooling. or crying. i can't tell which is which yet. so many amazing pictures. of food. my favorite!

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