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lacquer tissue box turned charging station
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Currently my side of the bed is the neatest between my husband and I (which is a shocker, considering my husband is Mr. Clean most of the time), but before I start gloating I have one big bone to pick with myself.

Right at the foot of my side of the bed lies this honkin' huge power bar.

It greets me every morning and every night before bed. It's an unwelcome & unsightly guest... but I desperately need it (as I my electronics have grown to become another limb on my body. Unhealthy, I know...)

I thought I might try to create a charging station out of a simple object & thought of using a cheapo wooden tissue box ($2 from the dollar store). Here were the other tools I used:

First, I mixed my paint (I wanted a lighter shade of this electric Caribbean blue).

And I painted on two layers of it.

Then after it dried, I taped off my corners & edges, and painted them white.

After they dried, I gave it two good coats of Varathane for a little bit of shine & protection.

And because I wanted to have my charging cable within arms reach, rather than having my typical scouring of the floor with my fingers like I usually do, I need clips to hold them in place.
I just got some butterfly clips, mod podge & craft paper that I had on hand,

traced & cut the paper to size.

mod podged the clips,

and smoothed out the paper, holding it in place long enough to stay on its own.

I then had myself some custom office accessories, but more importantly, fancy cable holders.

Then I placed the clip on the opening of the tissue box, & fished my cable through the metal clasps.

From the bottom, they wires neatly tucked under the box & behind the side table.

{hello, dog fur}
I guess I can't boast of a clean bedside ;)

Now the power bar is nicely tucked away (in between the dresser & the wall without trim... on our to-do list).

Now it's a prettier charging station which eliminates the wires, and the stress of looking for the wires.
Annnd if I get any more devices (which might not be the healthiest thing for me), I can just add more butterfly clips to the edges. easy.peasy.

My iPad approves 100% ;) and in my opinion it's 100% better than what I was using before!
{p.s. all iPad images are from the new issue of Lonny - you can read it here!}

In total, this charging station put me back $2. Not too shabby, if you ask me!

Well, I'm off for some dessert with a friend & I'll be back this week to share some more of my newfound love for diy jewelry! I just might need an intervention.

Hope your Monday was fab!
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  1. This is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing... you've inspired me to organize my scccaarrry nightstand.. yikes!

    hugs -

  2. Oh yes..I agree I detest those cords and chargers being exposed everywere..Now I know there's hope..I CAN do something about it. Thanks
    you may follow LIKE GRAMMAS HOUSE at

  3. You clever and thrifty girl! Dealing with cords and all that stuff can be frustrating!



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