Greek key window treatment

Currently our bedroom stands as one of the ugliest rooms in our house (in my opinion) and has been on my mind lately as a room in serious need of some TLC.

You can’t really tell from this picture that looks like a beige-y blur, but it has medium grey walls with beige (Ikea) curtains, which look great separately, but together make a terrible combo.

{don’t let the pretty flowers outside fool you…}

I came across this great post on how to add a greek key design (which is an obvious love for me!) to a vinyl shade (I just got a cheap one from Home depot), using 1.5 inch navy grosgrain ribbon, and a glue gun (and the other stuff shown below).

Before I started glueing, I made pencil marks using this amazing template (again found from the website that inspired me!)
It was a serious lifesaver. 

For my initial glue, I didn’t secure the ribbon to the exact pencil mark because it made for a cleaner look at the end when the ends met.

For glueing the corners/edges (which were the most challenging), here’s a step-by-step breakdown on the how-to (trust me, it’ll save you the future hair-pulling, and make for dangerously crisp corners ;) let’s get to it:
1. Before you reach the edge where the ribbon has to turn a 90 degree corner, glue along the edge where the ribbon will turn.
2. Press the ribbon down against the glue long enough for it to stick.

3. Fold ribbon over the glued edge, pressing down hard enough to crease the ribbon.
4. Unfold the ribbon, apply hot glue in a triangular shape using the crease as your guide (the square edge, or 90 degree angle, should be pointed towards the next direction your ribbon will be going).
5. Fold ribbon over the glue (make sure the ribbon is perfectly align with the overlapped piece).

6. After the glue dries enough to move along, press the ribbon down over the triangle of glue (sounds like something out of a bad horror film!), making sure to apply pressure to crease the ribbon.
7. Again, using the crease as your guide, fill in the triangle with glue, and press with your fingers to flatten the ribbon securely in place.

In the end, you will have crisp corners (and sore thumbs), but it’ll be worth it!

The final product (as it lies on our dusty living room floor):
When the mister installed it, we found out Home Depot actually cut it too short (grrr…), so instead we bought some washers and, well, compensated:
5 washers on one side, and 4 on the other… we’re goin’ ghetto, folks.
The end result (pics in bad lighting, for obvious reasons):

Some areas could use a bit more glue…

okay, maybe quite a few areas could use a touch of glue.

Regardless of some waffle-y corners, I’m diggin’ the new addition to our bedroom.

when it’s half-drawn, it still adds the classy pow to the room. love it.
Not too shabby for a window treatment under $25!
Next up: getting rid of those hideous beige curtains… kindling, anyone? ;)

Although it’s been pretty gloomy here as of late, and the weather forecast has predicted sunshine (to no avail), I hope you’re having a great Tuesday!


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