diy glitter clutch

Here’s a bit of a fun diy project.

a hint for you…

hm… mild acid wash, coupled with sparkly bits throughout…

Well, rather than keep you in suspense, I was perusing the thrift store the other day and found this tacky clutch for $2! Rather than throwing it aside thinking I didn’t have bell bottoms to match, I found a fun way to up-cycle it (even though everything in me wanted to up-chuck instead).
With a lot of help from Martha Stewart’s gold glitter, Mod Podge

and a lot of patience on my end, I came up with this:

The clutch had magnets in the flaps (yet another reason why that was $2 well spent!), and even with all of the mod podge, the magnets work perfectly & the glitter stays put
(so you don’t end up looking like you hugged a fairy or rolled a Christmas ornament all over your clothes)
Here’s the how-to:
adapted from this
What you need:
  • Martha Stewart fine glitter (I used florentine gold)
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush
  • shallow container & tin foil

What to do:

  1. Line a container with tin foil. I used tupperware that had a lid so I could save left over for the next coat. It worked like a charm.
  2. Mix the mod podge & glitter (I eyed 1 part mod podge & 2 parts glitter. It will look look like a beige-y sludge, but it’s supposed to!)
  3. With the sponge brush, start applying the ‘glodge’ (glitter & podge. just being lazy), and let it dry. When wet, it will look milky, but it will dry all glittery and purrrty
  4. Wait for it to be dry to add another coat. Repeat on all sides of the clutch. You will need patience for this  :)

I needed about 3 coats of ‘glodge’ before the jean started to disappear & the inner disco dancing queen started to emerge ;) 
When dry, it looks a like a completely different accessory!
a view from above (what a veiny hand!)
I’m giving this as a little gift for my sister-in-law, whose life as a budding actress is often spent at award shows and glitzy events (a perfect match for this sparkly number).
Hope you had a fabulous day!


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