Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My first project (thank youuuu, Goodwill!)
Jane @ urbanejane.8:28 PM 3 comments

One of the things I love to do is drop by my local Goodwill and see what goodies can be found. Well, one day I managed to stumble upon a wonderfully scruffy side table with a drawer and cubby. 
Me thoughts: The lines on the table are purty (as I found out later, it's a french-styled antique table).... ohhh yeaaah... DIY-Victim numero uno.

So, I take it home, and this is what she looks like (minus the drawer and plus the price tag: $15! sweeeet!)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One small step in the blog world, one giant leap for this diy-er...
Jane @ urbanejane.4:13 PM 0 comments

Wow, the day has arrived.
Although it might not make history books of any importance... or any at all, it will make a footnote in my life, at least :)
I have been mulling over the idea of starting a blog ever since I got married. One of our friends gave us a very animated description of how the blog world (is there a blog world?) is worth excavating, as it opens the door for many wonderful and magical things. Now, I am not one for posting the everyday twitterings of my life on the world wide web, but I somehow found myself slowly plunging the deep recesses of peoples' blogs when I became interested in decorating (unfortunately with a new hubby who was surprisingly picky about what colour and style our furniture should be, I was forced to hang my IKEA thinking cap on the wall).  That cap was the only cap I knew when it came to home decor...

With many visits to the public library in search of home decorating magazines (please. don't. judge. In defence: The library is a very hip n' happening place to skim magazines that could suck up your starbucks money)  <-and yes, 'hip n' happening' are very appropriately used in this statement...
Back to the point.... with many visits to the library, and with tireless clicks through the internet, I stumbled upon some amazing blogs with even more amazing people who have managed to salvage life from once-dead decor!

cue: Clouds parting, angelic singing, paintbrush floating from the Heavens...
Is it actually possible to make your house beautiful without (as my husband likes to say) driving you to the poorhouse?!

This urbane Jane says 'YES, I CAN!' (achieve the former, that is, not the latter) ;)

So without further adieu, I cautiously leave my toe-print on this blog-world, and hope you enjoy the ride (and in case you're wondering... I still have my IKEA catalogue nicely tucked away 'in case'... we'll call it decor insurance) ;)